5 EdTech Tools to Engage Your Students

1. Kahoot

Kahoot is an online resource that creates learning games. As a teacher, you have a lot of range in the kinds of questions you can create. This is useful for changing standards (especially in NGSS). Students love these and it’s great to get everyone pumped and engaged. It also analyzes where the students’ weaknesses and strengths are which is awesome to modify your teaching. It is also great to get data for PD’s and additional certifications! The only downside is that students have to use their own devices to answer questions.

2. Remind

Remind is a text messaging app that connects teachers, students, parents, and guardians. You don’t need anyone’s real phone number. They just need the free app and if they sign up online, you can even text to a flip phone! You can remind students to bring in certain materials, tell them homework, share cool videos, and more! You can send messages to your entire classes, small groups, or a single person. You can also schedule announcements ahead of time and send photos! The app gives you delivery receipts and it is designed to comply with the legal privacy rights of students.

3. Padlet

Padlet is an application to create an online bulletin board that you can use to display information for any topic. Easily create an account and build a new board. You can add images, links, videos, and more.” It’s basically like a google doc but on a board form. Every student can add their resource which creates a collaborative environment where students can learn from each other! It’s really useful for teachers as well. Here is a great example: https://padlet.com/fcoescience/c0aa856qrb4f?fbclid=IwAR3IxGftDIdyjEBUniHSwYMXjpziM0-12Oh6QqVZFcpUFfUWLSnt4utzm3c

4. YoTeach

YoTeach is a website where you create online backchannel spaces to facilitate discussions. Be sure to click the password options and privacy settings. It shows you statistics which is useful to see how your students are doing.

A student can participate in your YoTeach room by going the URL that is assigned to your room, entering the nickname that he/she wants to have displayed, and then entering the password that you have set for your room. (You can also use Yo Teach! without setting a room password). Students can type notes and questions to appear in the chat. Students o draw on a whiteboard and have their drawings appear in the chat.

5. ClassroomQ

ClassroomQ is a website designed to give teachers a more efficient way of assisting students in the classroom. It lines students questions up so they can ask without disrupting the lesson. This lowers the barrier of entry of asking questions so even shy students can ask!

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